Action plan to suppress the grey economy 2019/20.

Measure 1.10 Preventing illegal transport of passengers in public transport
Even though the Law on Passenger Transport in Road Traffic entered into force back in 2015, with latest amendments adopted in 2018, the Law provisions are not being consistently applied in practice, which leads to a series of negative effects on the business environment, the secure operations of legal businesses, safety and security in providing passenger transport services, as well as the amount of budget revenues on the national and local government level.

With the aim of ensuring more efficient implementation of the Law provisions, protection of investments in this sector, countering shadow economy in the field of transport, providing support to local governments in consistently implementing the Law provisions and governing business conditions in their territory, there is a need for urgent harmonization of practices by all line authorities in implementing the legal provisions governing this field.
Activity Deadline Responsible institution Partners in realization
1.10.1 Through amendments to Article 155 Paragraph 1 of the Law on Passenger Transport in Road Traffic, enable the local transport inspection to perform oversight of intercity transport. Q2 2019 MCTI /
1.10.2 Monitoring the statistics of outcomes and analysis of misdemeanor court verdicts in proceedings initiated by local transport inspectors. Continuous activity Local governments Misdemeanor courts
1.10.3 Define the SV and TV for the indicator. Q4 2019 MCTI /