Action plan to suppress the grey economy 2019/20.

Measure 2.2 Automated calculation of lump-sum taxation and consolidated payment of taxes and contributions for lump-sum taxpayers through a consolidation tax collection system
The Tax Administration needs to issue more than 300,000 tax decisions a year to taxpayers in the lump-sum taxation system. More than 300 tax inspectors are engaged on issuing these decisions. Amendments to the by-laws and development of a software enabling automatic calculation and issuance of tax decisions would save thousands of hours and enable higher predictability for the taxpayers.
Amendments to the regulatory framework would simplify the procedure for calculating lump-sum tax with the aim of automating the process of determining the amount of lump-sum tax, and prepare a functional specification for submitting electronic requests and automatic calculation of the amount of lump-sum tax.
Activity Deadline Responsible institution Partners in realization
2.2.1 Adopted amendments to the Regulation on lump-sum taxation and the Bill on Personal Income Tax with the aim of introducing consolidated payment of taxes and automated calculation of lump-sum tax. Q4 2019 Government
Ministry of Finance
2.2.2 Preparation and development of software for automated lump-sum taxation. Q1 2020 TA Ministry of Finance
2.2.3 Preparation and development of software for consolidated system of tax collection. Q4 2019 TA Ministry of Finance
2.2.4 Training public officers for using the software. Q2 2020 TA /
2.2.5 Define the SV and TV for the indicator. Q4 2019 Ministry of Finance /