Action plan to suppress the grey economy 2019/20.

Measure 1.2 Establishing a comprehensive contact center for inspection oversight for citizens and businesses
Citizens and businesses should have a unique contact point when they wish to report irregularities or to ask for inspection, due to a suspicion that a business broke the law. The establishing of a contact center to serve as a link between line institutions and citizens and businesses will improve the efficiency and coordination of inspection oversight. The contact center users will be able to report their problems via website, e-mail and phone. Further on, the contact center will also enable complaints regarding the work of inspectors and monitoring of inspection statistics. As soon as the contact center employees receive a report, they will forward it to the line inspection or inspections that decide about the further steps. The contact center will guarantee a response to any claim within 48 hours, as well as the case status after the inspections’ activities.
This system is one of the ways to introduce non-registered businesses into the system. The data about registered businesses will be used for calculating the risk in the e-Inspector system for registered businesses.
The contact center will also involve engagement of the Support Unit to the Coordination Commission, which will collect the most frequent reports/claims and inspections’ responses and develop a book of inspection practices.
Further on, the Coordination Commission will adopt the most important recommendations from the book of inspection practices as mandatory guidelines, which will ease and harmonize the work of inspectors.
Activity Deadline Responsible institution Partners in realization
1.2.1 Establishing an information system for the contact center (CRM) being linked with 1) web portal for reports and inquiries on the e-Inspector website, 2) contact phone, 3) mobile application enabling the option of sending photos and location related wit the report. Q4 2019, for activities listed under 1) and 2)
Q4 2019 for activities listed under 3).
ITE MPALG – Support Unit to the Coordination Commission for Inspection Oversight
1.2.2 Within the Support Unit to Coordination Commission, there are at least three operators engaged on analyzing and forwarding the reports and claims to the defined contact points in the national inspections, in line with their jurisdiction, notifying the applicant about the taken measures within 48 hours and analyzing the statistics of responsiveness of the inspections and contact center. Q4 2019 MPALG – Support Unit to the Coordination Commission for Inspection Oversight NALED
1.2.3 Linking the data from the reports filed though the contact center with the e-Inspector system for the purpose of risk analysis and planning of inspection oversight. Q4 2019 ITE National inspections
1.2.4 Established “book of inspection practices” monitoring the work of inspections, while improving and harmonizing the practice and reducing the number of complaints. Q3 2020 MPALG – Support Unit to the Coordination Commission for Inspection Oversight /