Action plan to suppress the grey economy 2019/20.

Measure 1.4 Performed specialization of misdemeanor judges for the misdemeanor proceedings in the field of shadow economy
Specialization of misdemeanor judges will refer to the misdemeanor proceedings most commonly initiated by: market inspection, Tax Administration, Labor Inspectorate, tourism, agricultural, phytosanitary, veterinary and construction inspection.
Activity Deadline Responsible institution Partners in realization
1.4.1 Designate the judges to manage misdemeanor proceedings initiated by the defined inspections. Q2 2019 Misdemeanor courts
Misdemeanor Appeal Court
1.4.2 Design the curriculum for specialization in the defined areas of supervision. Q3 2019 Judicial Academy Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Finance, MTTT, Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs (hereinafter: MLEVSA) Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
(hereinafter: MAFWM)
Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure (hereinafter: MCTI)