Action plan to suppress the grey economy 2019/20.

Measure 1.6 Countering illegal construction
The aim of this measure is to reduce illegal construction, with special focus on Belgrade.
After the adoption of the Law on Legalization of Buildings in 2015, which served as a basis to perform satellite recording of all buildings that may be subject to legalization, any illegal construction of buildings should be severely punished. This problem is particularly emphasized and visible to citizens in Belgrade. Therefore, there is a need for appropriate response by line authorities and monitoring the implementation of the measure, to enable impact analysis.
Activity Deadline Responsible institution Partners in realization
1.6.1 Entering a note in the Cadaster on the prohibition of trade of all buildings constructed after 2015, with the note being required based on independent Article 106 of the Law on amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction, which prohibits the trade of such buildings, аnd the note being registered based on a decision on removing the building or its parts issued by a construction inspector. Q4 2019 City of Belgrade MCTI
1.6.2 Submitting requests for initiating criminal or misdemeanor offenses against architects, investors or contractors engaged in construction of buildings from item 1.6.1 and regular monitoring of statistics of the initiated proceedings. Continuously City of Belgrade
Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office
Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Justice
1.6.3 Performing demolition of buildings from item 1.6.1 and reporting to the line ministry. Q2 2020 City of Belgrade MCTI
Ministry of Interior
1.6.4 Introducing an obligation through general mandatory instruction of Public Prosecutor’s Office that, in the event of postponed criminal prosecution for perpetrators of „building without a construction permit” from Article 219а of the Criminal Code, committed after 26 November 2015, the accused party should be imposed an additional obligation to remove the harmful effects arising from the committed criminal offense, i.e. remove the illegal building. In this case, the decision on dismissing criminal charges would be postponed until all obligations from the order on postponing criminal prosecution are fulfilled (which would significantly ease and accelerate the demolition of illegal buildings). Q2 2019 Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office Ministry of Justice
1.6.5 Define the SV and TV for the indicator. Q4 2019 MCTI
City of Belgrade