Action plan to suppress the grey economy 2019/20.

Measure 5.3 Conducting a campaign on incentives for legal business
In relation to the implementation of measure 3.5.
The measure introduced in October 2018 for exempting new businesses from salary taxes and contributions in the first year of work, intended for youth and the unemployed, needs to be promoted so that as many beneficiaries get informed and encouraged to „start legally”, i.e. start their own businesses within the legal flows. Along with tax exemption, with the aim of reducing the administrative burden, the Tax Administration introduces electronic services and simplified procedures for entrepreneurs, that should be promoted.
Activity Deadline Responsible institution Partners in realization
5.3.1 Organizing 5 info days about the tax exemption measure at faculties in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac. Q2 2019 NALED /
5.3.2 Designing a promo video, poster and banner for the „Start-up legally“ campaign and promotion at the counters of relevant institutions and through available communication channels. Q2 2019 NALED Ministry of Finance
5.3.3 Competition for the mot entrepreneurial municipalities – monitoring the number of tax exemption beneficiaries and the number of newly established companies or entrepreneurs in municipalities. Q4 2019 TA
5.3.4 Promotion of Tax Administration’s new digital services and simplified procedures for entrepreneurs. Continuously starting from 2020 TA /
5.3.5 Organizing 10 educational workshops for new businesses – beneficiaries of tax exemption measure. Q2 2020 NALED /